I’ve known Eileen Gannon since she was a little girl and have happy memories of staying in the very Irish household of her parents Helen and PJ when Comhaltas tours of the USA visited St Louis, MI, from Ireland in the early 1980s (the wonderful St Louis Irish Arts was Helen’s brainchild).
Eileen has spent her whole life immersed in Irish music and culture and it shows – the richness of her hinterland is unmistakeable. She has a deep respect for and understanding of the tradition: the tunes on this, her first CD, are carefully chosen, lovingly burnished and beautifully played, with a good balance between dance music, harp tunes and slow airs.  Her own strong creative impulses are particularly expressed in some beautiful phrasing in the slow pieces, lovely key changes in the dance music and a tasteful approach to variation throughout. A thoughtful delight. - Máire Ní Chathasaigh